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yorkie wearing tiny pink dog booties

Small Dog Boots

Protect Even the Smallest of Paws

Got a little dog? You may have a spunky little Yorkie or maybe a Shih Tzu that likes to strut her stuff. Even if you have a teeny-tiny Chihuahua with a great big attitude, there are small dog boots that will fit their petite little paws.

Dog Boots - Sporthos Winter - Hiking Sporthos - Winter - Camouflage

Sporthos winter dog shoes are made of a comfortable, flexible and waterproof nylon upper, non slip rubber sole and dual Velcro ankle straps

Price: $44.99
Dog Snow Boots Zipper Rain & Snow Boots - Black

Waterproof dog rain and snow boots in solid black made of neoprene with a triple closure system are the perfect all around winter dog boot for your dog.

Price: $44.99
Dog Sneakers - Zoomies Zoomies by Barko Booties - Pink

Denim canvas Hi-Top "Converse" style athletic dog shoe in pink with white shoelaces

Price: $35.99
Soft Dog Snow Booties Soft Sole Waterproof Winter Dog Booties - Black

Meshies are breathable, lightweight soft sole mesh dog booties with a Velcro strap ideal add traction indoors or to protect from heat during summer

Price: $28.99
Dog Sneakers Polka Dots & Flowers Doggie Sneakers - Blue

Denim canvas sneaker with white Polka-dots on a blue background, coupled with a fixed-shoe-laces design and Velcro strap

Price: $24.99
Pawz Dog Boots Pawz Disposable Rubber Dog Boots

Price Starting At: $13.99

Why does your small dog need boots?

Despite common beliefs (especially those of large breed dog owners), not all small dogs want to be carried all the time and sit in your lap the rest of the time. These are busy, on-the-go little guys who love their walks as much as their big cousins. How cute would that be to see your dog jogging down the street with you in a snazzy set of red small dog shoes? With the speed those legs can move, his paws would be a dazzling red blur!

  • Prevents water, mud, and dirt from being tracked onto your floors and carpet.
  • Provides warmth, support, and protection under a variety of conditions and terrain

Boots for small dogs generally come in small and extra small sizes just for dogs like yours. A “small” may fit your Pug or Boston Terrier. If you have a teacup pup or toy Poodle or a Maltese, give the "XS” a try. Let the little guys give the small dog shoes a whirl around the house before taking them on the road. This will let him get used to them and let you know if you bought the right size shoes for small dogs.