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Newfoundland wearing dog socks

Dog Socks

Prevent slipping & protect flooring

Enhance your dog's grip on slippery floors and safeguard your new hardwood floors with dog socks. These socks are especially beneficial for dogs with allergies, as they prevent excessive scratching and paw licking. Keep your furry friend's paws warm and shielded by getting them a pair of socks. Additionally, socks are a great option for dogs whose paw size falls between two boot sizes. Imagine the cuteness of seeing your dog wearing a charming set of socks on their paws!
Please note: due to sanitary reasons, all dog socks are final sale & non-refundable.

Why does your dog need socks?

Dogs, like humans, can enjoy the comfort and benefits of wearing socks indoors. In fact, dog socks can be a preferable alternative to shoes when lounging at home. They keep their paws warm, protected, and let's not forget, they look adorable as well!

  • Non-skid tread prevents sliding on slick floors; great for older dogs
  • Perfect for dogs with allergies and helps prevent continual scratching or paw licking
  • Hardwood floors are protected from scratches
  • Great for in-between boot sizes
  • Keep paws warm on a winter day
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