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dog wearing yellow reflective boots

Reflective Dog Boots

Protect Your Dog on Walks in the Dark

It’s dark out but your pooch is feeling the call of nature and needs his walk. You can easily make nighttime potty breaks safer for your dog by making sure he is dressed in reflective shoes. Give drivers added visibility and keep your dog safer at night.

Why does your dog need reflective boots?

The folks who make running shoes for us look out for our safety by putting reflective strips on the backs, toes, and sides of the shoes. This allows a car’s headlights to reflect off the shoe so the driver can see us as we run along a dark road at night. This makes a lot of sense. It makes just as much sense that dog should also have reflective gear as many dog shoes and boots come with reflective safety strips as well. Yes there really are reflective boots for dogs.

  • Reflective shoes give added visibility at night
  • Gives added protection for your dog’s feet from hazards not seen in the dark

Of the big variety of fun and functional dog boots and shoes available for our dogs to wear, some of them do have reflective strips made for nighttime visibility. This includes paw-wear like dog snow boots, and waterproof dog boots so you can not only battle bad weather, but your buddy can be protected from the dark as well. When Zeke or Lady run with you at night, wearing their reflective shoes for dogs, you can be sure that you will both be safe because of that bright shiny blur of feet that drivers will see as they approach you from either direction.