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yorkie wearing pink sandals

Dog Sandals

Breathable protection in the heat

When warm weather arrives, it becomes time for all of us to break out the sandals and airy, breathable shoes. Dog sandals aren’t just cute. They also protect paws from burning hot pavement as well as sand, and are great for preventing irritating seasonal grass allergies while still letting the paws breathe.

Why does your dog need sandals?

It’s good to know that something that makes your pet look chic is also useful and durable. So while they help make for cute photo ops, you can be sure that having your dog wear sandals is benefiting his safety and health – and yours -- as well.

  • Protects their feet from hot asphalt and cement while still letting the paws breathe
  • Provides traction when walking on slippery surfaces
  • Helps dogs walk better
  • Protects their feet from injury
  • Keeps your dog’s feet from transporting pollen into your home, which can help prevent allergic reactions in pets and human