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pitbull relaxing in red slippers at home

Dog Slippers | Indoor Dog Booties

Protect your dog's paws inside the house

Dogs wearing slippers can be incredibly endearing, but it's not just about cuteness. Just like our feet, your dog's paws can get cold, particularly if your house has hardwood or tile floors. Slippers not only provide warmth, but they also prevent slipping and sliding during playtime and offer extra traction for older dogs. Complete your dog's footwear assortment with some cozy slippers, allowing them to relax on a plush cushion in front of the fire.

Why does your dog need slippers?

If your dog already has clothes, costumes, and fancy collars, why not add a pair of slippers to complete their outfit? Dog slippers or indoor booties offer more comfort and protection compared to dog socks. These slippers are not only adorable but also practical, thanks to their non-slip bottoms. You can watch your little pup move around the house effortlessly. Even larger dogs can enjoy the comfort of different styles of dog slippers. These slippers are lightweight, breathable, and provide indoor traction, making them ideal for elderly dogs with arthritis or those who feel cold easily.

  • Non-skid tread prevents sliding on slick floors; great for older dogs
  • Perfect for dogs with allergies and helps prevent continual scratching or paw licking
  • Hardwood floors are protected from scratches
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