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pitbull relaxing in red slippers at home

Dog Slippers | Indoor Dog Booties

Protect your dog's paws inside the house

There is nothing more adorable than dogs wearing slippers. Cuteness aside, your dog's paws can get cold just like our feet get cold on a winter day, especially if your house has hardwood or tile floors. They’ll also keep him from slipping and sliding while he plays indoors or add traction for elderly pups. Top off your dog's footwear collection with some slippers to kick back in on a big cushion in front of the fire.

Why does your dog need slippers?

If your pup already has outfits, costumes, and collar bling, why not give him his own set of slippers to complete the ensemble? Dog slippers or indoor dog booties provide the next level of comfort and protection up from dog socks. It's time to spoil your furry little friend with some cozy fleece slippers topped off with bunny or duckie heads right on the toe that will keep your dog's four paws warm and put a smile on your face. Dog slippers are more than just cute. With their non-slip bottoms, they are practical, too. Zip up, hook that strap, and watch your little pup scurry around the house with ease. Even the big guys can get casual with a variety of styles of dog slippers.

  • Non-skid tread prevents sliding on slick floors; great for older dogs
  • Perfect for dogs with allergies and helps prevent continual scratching or paw licking
  • Hardwood floors are protected from scratches
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