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large mastiff dog wearing boots

Large Dog Boots

Even the Biggest Dogs Need Paw Protection

So your dog is a big one, like a Lab or a large German Shepherd. Bigger than that? Even if you have an extra large dog like a Great Dane or a big burly Mastiff, you can still find a variety of large dog shoes to fit those great big paws. After all, even big boys and girls need paw protection!

Why does your large dog need boots?

For every reason small dog owners have to adorn their little guys with dog rain boots, dog snow boots, or even “high fashion” dog shoes, there is just as good a reason to do the same for your big, playful, athletic dog. Boots for large dogs and big dog shoes are just as important as the little shoes! Boots for big dogs certainly do exist and we have them.

  • Prevents water, mud, and dirt from being tracked onto your floors and carpet.
  • Provides warmth, support, and protection under a variety of conditions and terrain
  • Protects the sensitive paws of large dogs

Most of the styles of both fun and functional dog boots come in large and extra large sizes. A large size may fit dogs like Labradors and Golden Retrievers. For your Great Dane or Bull Mastiff, try an XL or even an XL+. Give them a try around the house before you head out the door to make sure you bought the right size. If the big dog boots are one size too big, you may lose a boot along the way; one size too small and your big buddy will be uncomfortable.