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dog laying on floor next to cone with one blue boot on

Dog Wound Boots

Protect Your Dogs After Injury & Surgery

Post surgical covering of a dog wound is necessary to protect the wound from dirt and contaminants. Lightweight dog boots are breathable enough to allow air to flow freely around the wound area while aiding in the healing process. Waterproof boots will help keep a bandage clean and dry. If you and your dog are tired of the giant cone of shame, then wound boots will be ideal to prevent the dog from biting and licking and will allow faster healing without all the discomfort and embarrassment!

Why does your dog need boots to cover wounds?

  • Provides a barrier against dirt and contaminants, allowing wounds to heal faster
  • Protects the injured area while allowing air to flow freely
  • Enables your dog to move around easier than wearing a cone
  • Prevents licking and biting which can prolong the healing process