About Us
We've got your dog's paws covered


Company Overview is a web based niche pet product company owned by Barko Lex, LLC. The company was founded in 2009 with operations located in Palm Beach County, FL. We carry all dog footwear from winter boots, dog athletic shoes, rain boots, orthopedic boots and even doggie sandals and slippers. From fashion to fitness to all weather protection, we've got your dog's paws covered.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at is to actively make better the quality of a pet's life while providing support and a sense of relief to the owners; we do this by offering the best possible products and superb customer service to make the entire buying process a rewarding experience for both owner and dog.

Who is

We are a small family owned company that is also owned by three loving dogs, Cooper, Max & Moose. Cooper is our much loved thirteen year old morkie (Maltese/Yorkshire Terrier mix). Max is a very special eleven year old teapot Yorkie and Moose is a goofy German Shepherd. All pooch paw-wear has been tried and tested by our resident shoe gurus.

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