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dog running through snow in boots

Dog Snow Boots

Protect your dog's paws from snow, ice, & salt

Veterinarians and dog experts support the idea of dogs wearing dog snow boots during the winter months to protect from cold, rain, snow, and nasty chemicals on the roads. Even after the snow has melted, salt and chemicals that were used to de-ice the roads are left behind and are very harmful as they absorb through the pads into the dog’s system. Don't take your dog out without protecting his feet this season. When the winter months come along and the snow starts to fall, your dog still needs and wants his daily walk. To keep the snow from balling up in the hair on the bottom of the paws and the ice and salt from irritating paw pads, how about outfitting your best friend with practical yet stylish dog snow boots? Add some comfort, traction and safety to your dog's wintry walks.

Why does your dog need snow boots?

Contrary to what you might think, paw-wear is more than a fashion statement for spoiled pets. Don’t let harsh winter conditions keep you and your dog indoors!

  • Keeps paws dry and safe from snow, ice, salt, stones, and abrasive surfaces
  • Ensures that hazardous chemicals used to de-ice and melt snow are kept off your dog’s feet and out of your home
  • Prevents snow and ice from getting built up between paw pads, avoiding discomfort and loss of traction on frozen surfaces
  • Avoids layers of snow getting frozen together with one another, which are hard to remove and can result in sharpened areas that can scratch or slice your dog’s feet
  • Keeps melting snow from dog’s feet leaving puddles and wet spots in your home
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