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Dog Hiking Boots

Hiking & Hunting Dog Boots

Protect your dogs paws in the most rugged terrains.

Do you love to hike over fast trails and slick terrain? Does your dog love to track deer and retrieve birds? Do you bring your dog but notice him limping after only a short period of time? These dog hiking boots help prevent abrasions from rocks, thorns, broken glass and other rough terrain while hiking in the great outdoors.

Why does your dog need hiking and hunting boots?

While going hiking or hunting barefoot isn’t something we humans would do, we usually don’t pause to think about hazards to our animals’ feet under the same conditions. Hiking and hunting boots have the following benefits:

  • Protect dogs’ feet from cuts and abrasions
  • Provide a non-slip surface so that dogs maintain traction on uneven terrain
  • Keep dogs’ feet warm in cold temperatures
  • Prevent mud, water, or dirt from being tracked into your car or home
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