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greyhound wearing a jacket and boots in the rain

Waterproof Dog Rain Boots

Protect your dogs paws from getting wet and muddy

While you may not be willing to take your dog for a walk during a rainstorm, your anxious friend is going to be ready to go as soon as the rain stops. But what do you do when the grass is wet and there are puddles everywhere, not to mention the mud? Since steering your dog around these obstacles is not always easy to do, why not avoid the issue entirely by dressing him in rain boots? Better to have muddy boots than muddy paws.

Why does your dog need rain boots?

As every dog owner knows, rain + dog = mess. An effective set of dog rain boots is made of waterproof fabric that is breathable and also long lasting. Sometimes, dog boots for rain are more for your benefit than the dog’s, but rain dog boots are also beneficial for:

  • Guarding your dog’s feet from chemical compounds and bug sprays which could surface whenever it rains
  • Providing grip for stepping on slick surfaces
  • Keeping your dog’s paws dry helps avoid that icky wet paw smell
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