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Designer Dog Shoes | Our High Fashion Collection

Do you have an adorable little dog that looks even more adorable wearing her Sunday best complete with some swanky little dressy dog shoes?  Add some designer paw-wear to any outfit and Carrie from “Sex and the City” will have nothing on your little diva.

Dogs are loyal little creatures that love you unconditionally. Your teeny little Teacup Poodle won’t fuss if you adorn her cute little paws with some paw-print dog sandals or designer dog booties.  After all, it’s in her nature to show off! How about putting some polka-dot dog sneakers on your feisty little Yorkie? Just watch her strut her stuff!

Even better, try some fur-trimmed little designer dog boots for those winter months.  Though you may have to carry that precious cargo because the snow is over her head, she’ll still look very chic. Those delicate little feet will be warm and toasty, too.

Fashion dog boots and designer dog shoes and can be fashionable, fun, and functional.  But when it comes to fashion dog shoes made with the smallest of the breeds in mind, fashionable and fun come first.  Watch your little "supermodel" turn heads next time you take her around the neighborhood or on a trip through the pet supply store.