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As October comes in, it brings with it the chilly weather. Next thing you know, it will be winter soon. While you are bundled up in your winter coats, have you prepared your pets for the cold weather as well? Dog coats and jackets will help keep your dog dry and warm on a cold winter day.  Our waterproof outerwear will fit any dog breed.

Dog Winter Jacket Dog Winter Jacket - Black & Blue

Black and blue dog winter jacket is warm and waterproof!  Comes with a hood and easy to use closure snaps.

Price: $34.99
Sale Price: $17.49
Dog Winter Jacket Dog Winter Jacket - Black & Pink

Price: $34.99
Sale Price: $17.49
Dogs naturally adapt to the environment. Their fur or all natural coats supply them the heat that they need once the chilly weather sets in. Having said that, from time to time, with below-freezing temperatures, your dog's natural coat might not be adequate enough to help keep them warm and cozy. It really is necessary to simply invest in getting your furry best friend a high-quality dog jacket.

You can find dog coat specifically made for your pet. They are warm, and lightweight so they will not really feel encumbered or restricted by the material. These dog coats are fantastic for going out for a midday run, even while it's snowing through the winter season.

Should you go on the internet, you will be delighted at the quantity of choices you could pick from for your pooch. There are lighter lined dog jackets that are brightly colored, in case you desire to go out walking in the evening along with your dog. Some dog winter coats are warmer and cozier, produced with thicker material similar to flannel.

Some dog jackets are also designed to repel harsh weather situations like robust winds and rains. Most of them are water resistant, to keep moisture away from your dog's coat. This also minimizes that wet dog smell that could be fairly annoying when it fills your complete home! These dog winter jackets were initially fashioned as horse jackets, so you understand that these are tough and won't prohibit your dog's movements.

When you are prepared to purchase a jacket or coat for your dog, don't just assume that your dog is usually a small or large size. It really is best if you take a tape measure and have your dog stand still for couple of seconds to determine of your dog's girth or width, as that is by far the most widespread sizing for dog coats. Be sure that your dog's coat will not be ill-fitting, or else he won't wear it at all!

Initially, your dog could possibly feel annoyed by the dog jacket. He may feel restricted at first, but try to be patient with him, as he's only very new to the feeling of wearing a something different. The investment is definitely worth it. You'll be entering the winter season within a couple of weeks, and it's going to last for many months. Make sure that your dog is ready to withstand the cold this time. He might be considerably more comfortable, and you'll not be concerned that he will get sick if he is protected from the harsh cold. Your dog will surely provide you with an appreciative licking down for enabling him to have a toasty warm winter!