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Cool, Sporty Dog Wearing Sneakers & Sunglasses


Stylish paw protection for sporty dogs

Dog sneakers are stylish and fun and are perfect for showing off the sporty style of any dog, big or small. A snazzy set of sneakers may be stylish but they can still serve as paw protectors while your dog runs or plays in unknown territory that may be full of burrs, sharp rocks, or even broken glass. Your dog will be dressed to the “K9s” for a neighborhood stroll or a romp at the park.

Dog Sneakers Black Canvas Dog Sneakers Pink Canvas Dog Sneakers Blue Canvas

Dog Boots Mesh Leather Red Dog Boots Mesh Leather Pink Dog Boots Mesh Leather Blue

Small Dog Sneakers Pink Small Dog Sneakers Blue

Why does your dog need sneakers?

While there are some strictly entertaining purposes to dress your dog in a pair of fashionable dog shoes, there are also some real benefits for your dog and you:

  • Keeps your dog’s paws warm and dry in the winter
  • Protects their feet from hot asphalt and cement in the summer
  • Helps them walk better
  • Protects their feet from injury
  • Protects your floors and carpets from nail scratches and mud being tracked in from outside

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