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4 of 5 December 1, 2019
Reviewer: David Stewart from MT EPHRAIM, NJ United States  
Went on our first 5 mile run. The boots held up perfectly but Dukes Paws still showed signs Of abrasion. He has a fatty tumor on his front paw that’s like a fifth pad. Just wished there some soft padding on the inside like a shoe insert. Otherwise, he seemed real happy running in them.

5 of 5 Just what I needed November 26, 2019
Reviewer: Denise from Wakefield, RI United States  
We had a new artificial wood deck put on our house this summer, and it is a slippery nightmare in the morning with frost. Since I know it will only get worse with snow and ice, these boots should keep my old guy on his feet. They are an excellent quality.

4 of 5 Good boots, they stay on but can wear out quickly November 18, 2019
Reviewer: Sheldon Lee Wen from Austin, TX United States  
My dog has gone through 3 pairs of these boots now. We have used them when he goes swimming in the pool, when he had a toe injury and when he had sensitive paws while hunting birds. The boots work very well, if you make them snug they stay on all day long. However, they don't last forever. My dog is very active and if I have him wearing them twice a day for walks, he can wear out a set of boots in 1-2 weeks. He literally wears holes in the bottom. That said, I'll keep buying them until I find something stronger.

5 of 5 Finally! November 10, 2019
Reviewer: JW  
I thought it was impossible but I finally found boots that stay on my dogs paws.  She's a malshi that thinks she's a lab and we run in the woods everyday so footwear is essential.  I was sick of stopping constantly to put boots back on or back tracking to find boots that had come off.

These boots are AMAZING!  Superdurable and they actually stay on. Took no time for her to get used to them.  Would definitely reccomend these!

5 of 5 Perfect for our dog with degenerative myelopathy October 29, 2019
Reviewer: DC from Hoover, AL United States  
These are much better than the previous boot we had as they stay on our girl's feet as she drags herself around (she loves to get going fast using her front paws and knees) and the tops of her feet are starting to finally heal.

5 of 5 October 21, 2019
Reviewer: Denise from NEW PORT RICHEY, FL United States  
I purchased these XL snow boots for for my daughter's Rottweiller. He's 120 lbs. They fit perfect.  It's too early to try them out in the snow yet but the soles look like they would help on slippery pavement and they are lined for warmth.  I am so happy to have found a boot that's big enough.  Other XL brands were sized smaller and didn't fit. it wasn't worth shipping costs to return them. I'm very happy with these!

5 of 5 Ultra Paws Are Great! September 8, 2019
Reviewer: Cristina Estagle from Los Angeles, CA United States  
Our 11yr old Australian Cattle Dog suffers from spinal cord issues and as a result drags her hind paws. These boots have been such a comfort and relief for both her and for us. So glad we got these and with Alldogboots help and advice we are so happy we got them.

5 of 5 Reviews of Ultra Paws August 14, 2019
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from TX United States  
2 decades; So well made had hand me downs to give younger dogs. Rubberized coating is very DURABLE as is the STRONG CANVAS. Slit on sides of ankle tops makes these EASIEST of all styles to PUT ON. Thick foam pads sewn inside front & back ankle provide great CUSHIONING for a snugger top strap. STAYS ON! Straps wrap around back and across the front. HAND WASH nicely; do not advise turning inside out to wash. Because of the density of the materials involved there is a narrow stiff inside seam around the toe; dogs never feel this. They walk on stiffer things barefoot!  WATER RESISTANT UPPER and WATERPROOF TOE and SOLE, so they can be too warm for Extremely high temps for prolonged periods; dogs can only release  body heat through their paws, nose and panting. Great ANTI-SLIP on all surfaces. PROTECTION against hot pavement. Yard stickers don't stick to them (occasional ones on velcro). Great in cold, snow and ice. BEST all round shoe.

5 of 5 Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots August 13, 2019
Reviewer: CHRISTINA STRELOVA from WILIAMS, OR United States  
I have received the set of Lg. boots that I ordered and they will be perfect for my 120 lb female Irish Wolfhound's rear feet. I have the XL for her front feet. My male IW (165 lbs) uses the XL on all four feet. These are the best boots I have found. They stay on and are flexible enough for the dogs to be comfortable in them; especially when recovering from injuries.

5 of 5 Awesome August 13, 2019
Reviewer: Lindsay Evans from San Diego, CA United States  
The staff emailed me after placing my order, to ensure I got the right size. I'm glad they recommended the size they did--they fit my pup perfectly! Haven't tried them out any where yet, but the fit is amazing. Can't wait to use them

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