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Guardian Gear Dog BootsGuardian Gear Dog Boots

Guardian Gear specializes in economical solutions for outdoor dog activity.

If all you want is practical and functional boots to protect Dukie’s paws from rain, snow, ice, dirt, mud, grass burrs, and any number of messy or painful obstacles a dog can confront on his walk, then Guardian Gear is for you (and your dog).

Guardian Gear makes a variety of water repellent, comfortable, all weather dog boots perfect for the dog that spends a lot of time outside. These tough dog boots are great in summer for providing a buffer between sensitive paws and hot asphalt roads or cement sidewalks. In the winter, Guardian Gear dog boots keep paws safe from ice and de-icing chemicals put on the roadways. The warm textured fabric will keep Butch from slipping and sliding while at the same time keeping those paws dry and toasty. Throw in reflective strips so your dog can be easily scene at night and you have the perfect all weather dog boot.