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bulldog wearing purple booties

Disposable Dog Booties

Protect your dogs paws. Easy on, easy off.

Here’s a dilemma: You want your dog to wear protective dog boots, but he wants no part of it. He just can’t sit still while you zip zippers and hook straps. Here’s the solution: Disposal dog booties. Slip them on like socks and that’s it. No zippers, no hooks, no straps. Just dog boots. Also ideal to use for keeping paws dry and protected after surgery.

Pawz Dog Boots Pawz Disposable Rubber Dog Boots
Price Starting At: $16.99

Why does your dog need disposable dog shoes?

Unless you can train your dog to wipe his feet on the door mat, the next best solution to avoiding a messy floor is disposable dog booties that are even easier to take off than they are to put on. Quickly yank the disposable dog shoes off his feet and onto the porch before he has a chance to barge through the door.

  • Prevents water, snow, mud, dirt, and chemicals from being tracked onto your floors and carpet
  • Great post-surgical solution to protect wounds
  • Easy on, easy off -- no zippers, hooks, or straps to annoy fussy dogs

Inexpensive disposable dog boots fit your dog’s paws like socks and have no padding so they can still feel the ground under them. They can be rinsed off after a messy walk so your dog can wear them several times. When they have seen better days you can just dispose of the doggie boots and pull four more out of the package (each package comes with 12 booties). Disposable dog boots are a great alternative to the more cumbersome protective dog boots.