Dog Boots for Corgis

Corgi Wearing Dog Boots
There are several reasons why the Corgi may need to wear dog boots. Find out all you need to know about boots and everything else about this adorable breed!

Corgis are cute little dogs with stubby, little legs and big, furry trunks. For many years, Corgis have been the favorite dog breed for Queen Elizabeth. During her tenure as Queen, she has had more than 30 Corgi dogs – a true testament of her love for this breed of dog. They’ve actually been around since about 1705 AD and got their origin in Pembrokeshire, Wales, where they were used as cattle herding dogs. Originally, there were both the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi. Corgis are one of the smallest of the herding group of dogs. Corgis are very confident and intelligent dogs that stand proud as though they believe themselves to be taller than they are. In Stanley Coren’s The Intelligence of Dogs, Corgis were ranked 11th. In 2015, the AKC ranked the Pembroke Welsh Corgis as the 20the most popular dog breed. In addition to being great working dogs, their happy and playful personalities make them wonderful family pets. Corgis are small dogs who are happy, loyal and intelligent dogs despite their tendency to be stubborn at times.

The life span of the Corgis is usually 12-15 years. Their height can be anywhere from 10-12 inches. Their weight can vary from 24 to 31 pounds. The Pembroke Welsh Corgis are slightly shorter than the Cardigan Welsh Corgi and have smaller ears. When we hear the name Corgi today, it’s generally referring to the Pembroke Welsh Corgis. Corgis come in the following colors: black and tan, fawn, sable, red or black and white. Their head is similar in appearance and shape to a fox. Their erect ears, which are in perfect proportion to their triangular head, give them an alert and intelligent look. They have slightly lighter markings on each side of the withers, which gives them an appearance of having a saddle. They have very long coats of hair and are heavy shedders. Since Corgis are indoor dogs, you can expect to find some amount of hair around the house almost daily. Twice a year, usually in the spring and fall, they “blow their coat”. During this period, they’ll need to be brushed thoroughly and consistently for a couple of days.

Corgis have a relatively pleasant personality and temperament. Despite their small size, they are very self-assured confident dogs. Many owners have stated that they have the confidence often found with large dog breeds. They’re loyal family members who love to have fun, play and get into mischief. Despite their fierce independence, their intelligence makes them very easy to train. But, they do tend to have a mind of their own at times. They love learning new things and often do very good in agility and other dog competitions. They are protective, very alert dogs that make excellent watchdogs. They love to bark! As herding dogs, they often try to nip at the ankles of guests or children. This can usually be eliminated with good training early in life. Corgis are not a dog for people who are not active because they are high-energy dogs. You don’t need to be running nonstop to own a Corgi, but they do need at least a good walk or playtime every day. They’re adaptable to almost any environment. With a little training and adequate attention, Corgis can make wonderful companion dogs and pets.

Why Do Corgis Need Boots?

While some health conditions may occur due to their breed, other health issues may arise due to their dwarf-like build. Some health issues Corgis are prone to develop include degenerative myelopathy, Von Willebrand’s disease, monochidism, internvertebral disc disease, progressive retinal atrophy, and hip dysplasia. Some of these issues may be avoided through genetic testing by breeders. Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) and hip dysplasia are health conditions common to many breeds of dogs but are often seen in the Corgi. Hip dysplasia is an inherited condition which involves an abnormality in the dog’s hip joint on one or both sides. When a dog has a hip dysplasia, their thigh bone will not fit properly into the hip joint, which can potentially make walking difficult. The symptoms are similar to severe arthritis causing your dog to show some discomfort or have difficulty getting around because of lameness in one or both of their rear legs. DM is a progressive disease that occurs in a Corgi's spinal cord and also inhibits walking. The condition is severe in onset and can cause rear leg weakness, lameness, and even leading to paralysis in the hind limbs. If your Corgi has intervertebral disk disease (due to their long bodies), they may appear unsteady, have problems going up and down stairs or hopping onto furniture, completely refusing to jump at all, difficult walking in general, or even weak. Dog boots will help comfort your dog and protect their paws since they are still going to want to be active! Corgis are full of life at any stage and will still try to be as mobile as possible. Boots on rear paws will help protect the paws if your dog starts dragging their feet or keep them comfortable due to weakness or instability.

What Kind of Boots Are Best For Corgis?

The Pawtrexx boots are excellent boots for Corgis who drag their rear paws. They are durable and have a heavy duty rubber sole and reinforced toe. They are made of neoprene and should fit snug. However, because the Pawtrexx boots are so heavy-duty they may tend to be slightly heavy for a Corgi. If your Corgi is in a wheelchair or completely paralyzed in back they will be ideal. Otherwise they may be too hindering. They can be found here. The Pawtrexx boots are also an excellent choice for snow boots because they have a sole that can help with traction and grip in icy conditions. If you are in need of an orthopedic boot for rear paws (these boots also double up as awesome indoor and summer booties) that is a little lighter, then the Ultra Paws may be a good choice. They will help with dragging paws but are quite a bit lighter than the Pawtrexx boots. They are also low-cut boots so they should certainly fit a short leg. Some Corgis may also fit into the Sporthos boots as well. Just check with us first to make sure they aren't too tall for your dog.

If you have a Corgi who does not have medical issues there are a lot of choices in boots! The Meshies are excellent boots for indoors or hot pavement. They will help with added traction on slippery floors and prevent burns walking on the ground during the summer. Zipper boots are an excellent winter choice as they have a heavy duty traction sole and are made of a warm neoprene outer material. Our soft sole booties will be an easy fit for your Corgi during winter. The interior fleece will also keep your dog warm on the coldest days. Pawz rubber booties are always a good choice for a Corgi for all weather conditions as they slip easily over the paw.

How To Fit a Corgi With Dog Boots

Because of their short legs, Corgis are not an easy breed to fit for boots! Unfortunately Corgi owners may be limited in choices due to the heights of various boots but we certainly do have some great choices! The sock shape booties may be the easiest to work with as they are the most flexible (cuffs can fold down). Zipper boots and Ultra Paws are low-cut boots that should fit your Corgi. The easiest way to measure is by having your dog stand on a piece of paper. Mark the front of the paw at the toenail and then the back of the paw for the length measurement. Measure the distance between the lines. Do the same on the left and right sides of the paw for the width measurement. It is best NOT to trace around the paw as that typically increases both the length and width measurements.

Testimonial & Advice from a Corgi Owner

Winston "The Corgi" just wanted to thank you again for helping us last Winter finding 2 good sets of dog boots for Pembroke Welsh Corgis. It is bitterly cold out in the Northeast and Winston is all set for this winter!

We got the following pairs:
1) Soft Sole Waterproof Winter Dog Booties - Blue Product Code: SSWINBLUE Summary: For quick little trip outside, they stay on reasonable well LINK:
2) Waterproof Dog Rain & Snow Boots - Black & Blue Product Code: FAVBLBL Summary: For Long-term play in the snow and best protection, but take longer to get on LINK:

See Winston's picture below. We spread the word to our other Corgi friends so hopefully they my be calling!

Corgi Dog Boot Photos

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Corgi Wearing Snow Boots

Corgi In Boots and Wheelchair

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