Why Should I Buy Boots For My Dog?

Lots of reasons! The type of foot protection your dog needs depends on the time of year, the climate you live in, and your dog’s particular needs. While most people believe that dog boots are just for fun and fashion, there are many legitimate reasons why your dog would benefit by wearing them.

Weather Protection

Got that winter chill? Winter time in a snowy, rainy, and cold climate can be tough on a dog’s paws. If your four-legged friend loves to play outside and craves his walks, a lot of time spent romping through ice and snow can cause a multitude of problems. These include causing the webbing in between their toes to split, and the build-up of little snow balls in the fur. A nice pair of dog snow boots with rubber soles not only provides them traction when they walk, but can protect their paws from a variety of injuries. Additionally, hazardous chemicals and salt that is thrown over the snow to melt it can get absorbed right through your dog’s paws, potentially creating major problems.

Summertime blues.....Summer can have hazards for dog’s paws that may never have occurred to you. For instance, think about how hot the sand at the beach is on your bare feet, not to mention sidewalks, decks and patios that have been exposed to the blazing sun for hours. Lightweight summer shoes or sandals will protect tender pads from being burned by these hot surfaces. To protect your dog’s feet from blazing hot asphalt and cement during summer months, use dog booties. Remembering what it feels like when you go without shoes on the hot sand or pool deck will make you appreciate how the heat might hurt your dog’s paws. Lightweight sandals can make his summertime walks much more comfortable, and pool and water shoes help protect pool liners from tears along with providing non-slip protection on wet surfaces.

The Great Outdoors

a dog is wearing booties at a lake
Do you have an active outdoor dog that you take hiking, running, hunting, or biking with you? An ideal approach to protect your dog’s paws from outdoor dangers is to use sturdy dog boots made especially for rough outdoor conditions. There are a number of bad things that can happen to a dog’s sensitive pads and the areas between them. It is possible that the pads can sustain cuts or even wear out if you take your dog hiking on slippery, rocky mountain trails or sprinting on hard pavement. Dog boots can provide extra protection against all of these hazards. If you love to be accompanied by your dog on hikes then you should know the issues involved with their paws and the solutions. A high-quality set of dog hiking boots can give paws better traction on rocky trails and help your dog maneuver on sharp inclines. Their paws are also protected from cuts and abrasions caused by jagged rocks and other dangerous things along the trail.

Medical Issues

st bernard in a wheelchair wearing boots on rear paws

Older dogs and dogs with hip problems often have issues with balance on slippery surfaces and with standing up from a reclining position. Non slip dog boots with a little bit of tread give them the traction they need to push themselves up. These keep your dog from slipping and sliding on laminate, tile, or hardwood flooring. Orthopedic dog boots may help an older dog whose paws and back are starting to show indications of wear and tear or assist a breed of dog that’s prone to hip issues. Vets usually advise orthopedic dog shoes for the extra cushioning and support they provide. These dog boots protect the toes from being rubbed raw, especially if you have an older dog that drags his feet when he walks. Making your dog more stable will increase his mobility. Consider trying orthopedic dog boots for a happier, healthier dog.


Any dog’s claws can scratch up your shiny hardwood floors if they get in a crazy mood and start flying around the house playing chase. Some cute slippers with a little tread can help to solve this problem. And when it comes to rainy weather, waterproof dog boots work wonders ... for you. Face it: most dogs couldn’t care less if they get wet and muddy; in fact, many may revel in it! While your dog unwittingly comes barging in the door after a good romp in a wet yard, you frantically chase after him with a towel. Next, you are chasing after your floors with a mop. If your dog is wearing rain boots in the yard or on a walk, the boots can be taken off and left on the porch, keeping your floors and carpet clean a little longer. Waterproof rain boots are lifesavers for your scratchable hard floors and floor coverings that aren’t easily cleaned. Most dogs don’t mind getting wet and don’t care if their paws are dirty. They will come bounding into the house after being outside without a moment’s hesitation, spreading water and mud around and generally wreaking havoc. Waterproof boots can be removed before your dog comes into the house, saving you from clean-up duty on a rainy day.
a very muddy poodle sitting next to dirty dog boots


What dog owner doesn’t want their dog to be safe, comfortable and happy? There is no better way to ensure that than the right set of dog shoes or dog booties for just the right circumstances. Oh, there is one more reason to buy dog boots: In addition to being functional and fashionable, they’re just plain cute!

Think about the conditions that your dog is routinely exposed to: weather, rough terrain, health issues, old age. Could he use some protective footwear? Put yourself in your dog’s shoes and consider trying a pair of boots that would make him happier and more comfortable today.