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Breslyn's Boots June 24, 2019
Reviewer: Char Nash from Grand Haven, MI United States  
I bought the red mesh boots for hot pavement in the size XXL and they perfect for my Newfie!  Thanks to The Aloha Therapy Dogs in Arizona who showed me your site!  Thanks again! From Breslyn

Our dog likes the boots. May 30, 2019
Reviewer: Donna  
The boots do work, helping our dog stand up on the tile floor easier, the grip does help. Our only problem so far is that the boot for the bad foot wouldn’t stay on great.  I’ve washed them hoping to get a better fit now. I will buy more if he wears them out.

Great Summer Boots May 4, 2019
Reviewer: Paige from Long Beach, CA United States  
I bought these for my mastiff puppy to protect her paws from the hot sidewalks. So far, we love them! Easy to put on, she still has a little room to grow, and they're holding up well! I would recommend getting shoe goo to prolong the life.
Customer service here is AMAZING as well. I'll be buying from here again.

Excellent service April 15, 2019
Reviewer: Lynda Rose from Rocklin, CA United States  
I was having a lot of trouble finding the right bootie for an aging dog. I contacted them through their chat and spoke to them by phone. They were excellent in problem solving and answering questions. They are also very quick when responding to an email. Their products are good and they come in quickly. I definitely recommend them!!

Daisy love her Meshies February 14, 2019
Reviewer: Deborah L from Port Charlotte, FL United States  
My Daisy (Great Dane/Mastiff) injured one her toes on a back foot and ended up with a fungal infection.  Meshies protect her toe and keep her from chewing on it while the toenail tries to grow back. This is a great solution to a long term problem. Well made booties, great service and fast delivery!

Wish I would have bought a larger pair February 6, 2019
Reviewer: Darrell Nelson from Forest Lake, MN United States  
No problems with the purchase process or quality of the booties. The problem was mine. My dogs foot measured exactly 3'', as instructed on how to measure. The breakoff point between medium and large size is 3", so I chose mediums. That turned out to be a bad choice. They are simply too small. I would caution those buying and in the same sizing decision to choose the larger size. A bit pricey to return, so will make do with what I have. Otherwise, totally satisfied.

Satisifed Customer January 8, 2019
Reviewer: Edgar Abbott from Keezletown, VA United States  
I have purchased Meshies booties from alldogboots multiple times over the years for our pets. I have always been satisfied with this product and the service from alldogboots has been excellent!

OK... these are wonderful!! December 26, 2018
Reviewer: Juliana Leavitt from Colfax, LA United States  
Mostly for indoors for Tater to reduce slipping on the hard wood floors and for warmth too... These added with the socks are helping keep his paws warm and comfortable and he can keep these on for those quick outside trips...
So grateful for these and all your goodies.

A relief! November 28, 2018
Reviewer: Frances from Plummer, ID United States  
Finally I've found a little shoe that's easy to get onto my 12-year-old cocker spaniel's feet - and they stay on!  She has what the vet calls "skin tags" on the bottoms of her two front feet and I've been tearing my hair out trying to find something she can wear outside to keep her feet from damage and consequent bleeding.  These, over the top of the socks I got her, truly do the trick. I've tried and returned so many shoes for her -- but she wears these and romps all over the woods with no problem. They actually stay on, and the sores on her feet are finally healing.   I'll be getting more. One thing -- there is no tread on these so they won't work in the snow or ice.  My next quest is winter shoes.

Love the Meshies July 19, 2018
Reviewer: Karen Peltier from Wisconsin  
Wish I had bought these boots earlier.  They stay on well and my dog tolerates them without any issues.  And as always,  great service from!

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