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5 of 5 Amazing Dog Professional Wear July 4, 2020
Reviewer: Darren A. Peterson from SANTA BARBARA, CA United States  
Believe this expert dog spoiler purchaser you will not be disappointed and neither will your K9, maybe your partner (whether female, male, or all the pronown crew; as there is always someone like me in the relationship that is an animal pampering purchaser) F***ing Amazing from start to finish with this purchase for our Great Dane Baby girl to grow into all the elements of 4 seasons throw at us.

4 of 5 Glad we found these June 1, 2020
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Ellicott City, MD United States  
Our 12-year-old collie has a cut on his paw that he wants to lick obsessively, preventing it from healing.  He’s miserable in a cone and doesn’t seem able to adapt, and everything we’ve tried has resulted in more licking.  Finally we found these boots. It stays on well, and he accepted it quickly. He still wants to lick the paw and the mesh gets wet, but protects the cut and we have 3 backups. My only suggestion would be to make UPS delivery an option - even the priority mail took days to arrive.

5 of 5 Great mashies May 5, 2020
Reviewer: Kym Delisi from Lancaster, CA United States  
Thank you for send the boots so quickly. They are great for my dogs foot injury.

5 of 5 Great so far! April 23, 2020
Reviewer: Sherri from IL United States  
We purchased XL size booties for our 70 lb Lab/Staffy mix, based on the chart & they fit very well. Got red so we can find them hidden around the house if they fall off. Our dog has severe skin allergies & uses his back paws to scratch his face & ears. The boots stay on much longer & better than kid socks & can be worn outside if it's dry. The first 48 hrs he pulled them off alot, but after 4 days he barely notices them.

5 of 5 Excellent Service April 1, 2020
Reviewer: Cooper  
I recently purchased booties for my Great Dane puppy who began constantly licking one of his paws. The Vet said we had to do something to stop the licking or it could create a bigger problem. Since his legs are so long and a cone collar wouldn’t be effective, we explored booties. All Dog Booties was the most helpful. They were super knowledgeable regarding material and sizing. We received our booties within a few days and they worked like magic.
Thank you for your advice and great customer service.

5 of 5 Exemplary December 23, 2019
Reviewer: John Adams from Charleston, SC United States  
Dog boots go on next week, already received them, Karen and what she does should be used as a model in business school for Customer Service 101!

5 of 5 Beautifully made August 28, 2019
Reviewer: annette annechild from Delray Beach, FL United States  
These are sturdy and work well if your dog is in need of a covered paw  I highly recommend them

5 of 5 Very Pleased August 17, 2019
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Colorado  
I ordered the Meshies & Shoe Goo for my 12-1/2 yr old SIberian Husky. He drags his hind feet due to nerve degeneration. The booties are lightweight and well made. I was concerned that a heavier boot would cause him to drag more. Karen was very helpful, and suggested using shoe goo so he wouldn't wear through the toe. I applied several coats  initially & reapply frequently.

5 of 5 Reviews of Meshies August 14, 2019
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from TX United States  
Environment has Extreme HEAT & Snow/ice. Review based on durability, ease of putting on, ease of care, ability to stay on & intended use; laminate floors indoors, concrete walkways/barn floor, rough pasture/mud and grass yard. TWO dogs: 120 lb. Shiloh Shepard, 88 lb. Lab (injured toe). MESHIES: great indoor/outdoor, ANTI-SLIP shoe for my shepherd. PROTECTS against HOT pavement. Purchased as a cooler summer alternative to our standby Ultra Paws. These shoes are BREATHABLE, and even stay on after a dip in the stock tank. Prevents sand spurs from matting in fur. EASY PUT ON. These Hand Wash very well (cool water, also turn inside out and back easily, line dry). Important since all shoe styles can stink from sweat (Frito feet), urine splatter etc. No rough inside seams. Well constructed and strong velcro. Closure wraps in opposite direction of his other styles.

5 of 5 Sky Setter can get up again August 5, 2019
Reviewer: John Reida from KENNESAW, GA United States  
So thankful for your Meshies.  Its like Sky has new life in getting up and she's a 100 pound Irish Setter.  Thanks for your personal care when I spoke with you on the phone.  Good people to work with!

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