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3 of 5 Good- Just not for us March 31, 2020
Reviewer: Heidi L. from Delray Beach, FL United States  
I thought these would be a good choice because they let in more air, but because our dog "knuckles" when he walks the tops of the shoes were holes in 2 nights.

But still wonderful soles etc., if you are just looking for protection from hot sidewalks,  or pavement.

5 of 5 Great dane October 11, 2019
Reviewer: Donna Helrich from Myakka City , FL United States  
I have an 11 year old Great Dane that has hip dysplasia. He drags his left hind toe, which leads to bleeding.  I bought these shoes as recommended for his hind feet. They fit perfectly and give him so much traction.  They are perfect for him. Now if he drops his foot, it doesn’t get injured

4 of 5 Review of NeoPaws August 14, 2019
Reviewer: Carla Snow from Panhandle, TX United States  
120 lb. Shiloh Shepard. Top protects against briars. SOLE has SUPERIOR TRACTION (tire like.) BREATHABLE uppers. EASY to put PAW INTO; closure was annoying. After a few times it got faster. Straps indicate LEFT/RIGHT paw. Closures FACE OUTWARD. Originally ordered XXL for the length, but they were Extremely wide. Downsized to XL+ for front paws and XL for back (common for dogs to wear slightly different sizes front and back in this style), turned out that XL+ was still too wide. My dog wears same sized pairs of XL on front & back with a fit adjustment*. Fit adjustment for width: Cut the toe of a Thick ODOR EATERS insole and insert into shoe HORIZONTALLY allowing it to CURVE UP THE SIDES and take up the extra width. It will also absorb odor. I found the name brand insole has more surface traction, similar to the insole the shoe comes with, than generic brands. I had one small issue with an order and customer service took very good care of me, which was greatly appreciated in this day.

5 of 5 New Shoes June 25, 2019
Reviewer: Kathy from Vancouver, WA United States  
We are very happy with our new shoe purchase. Have used them for a week now and they are working great. Our 10 year old 87lb GSD has week hips and drags her hind feet. She still enjoys her everyday walk so she needs the protection for her nails. Otherwise she would wear them down so short they would bleed. We purchased the XL.  They are just a little too big but are staying on and doing the job.

5 of 5 Finally, something that works! May 6, 2019
Reviewer: Brittany Robertson from Raleigh, NC United States  
I have purchased so many different shoes for my Great Dane and nothing ever stays on.  These are the best! Love love love.  Thank you!

4 of 5 Very good once we both got used to them! November 12, 2018
Reviewer: Erin C from Wakefield, MA United States  
My GSD has DM, so her back legs drag. These boots are very helpful in protecting her paws and nails. It did take a few times for her to get used to walking with them on, and a few times for me to get the wrapping down!

I'm happy we have these now and would recommend them.

4 of 5 Great Dane boots October 22, 2017
Reviewer: Anya from Chesterfield, MO United States  
I had the hardest time finding boots big enough for my boy. He needed at least 5 inches at the base for his 160 lb large frame. We haven't done any hiking in these yet, but the straps have stayed well with testing around home. I look forward to testing them on different terrain.

5 of 5 Great product, great service July 14, 2017
Reviewer: TCariffe from Carlsbad, CA United States  
These are the best made boots we've tried. Highlights: Rubber tread, solid construction, front opening and velcro placement = easy on/off. Got the XL for traction for our 12yr old Great Pyrenees. Nothing else fit well around her taller, longer paw base and double dew claws.

5 of 5 Fantastic product and support January 9, 2017
Reviewer: Adam Earle from Grand Prairie, TX United States  
We received our two boots due to an injury on our Great Dane. After submitting our order we recieved an email stating they think our original order would be too small. They corrected the order before it shipped and it matched perfectly

5 of 5 Helping my Rottweiler February 4, 2016
Reviewer: Nancy M Hahn from Oak Island, NC United States  
These boots are keeping him from slipping when we go to the nursing homes with the highly polished floors and they stay on his feet. But they are doing more than that.
Tugboat, that is his name,  has been dragging his front feet scrapping the top of his toes.  Now he has to pick that foot up or he trips.  Its teaching him to walk like normal Rottweilers walk. Photos will come soon.

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