Caloric Intake of People Food for Dogs

As pet parents it is our responsibility to discuss overall dog health and nutrition with their veterinarian. While most people know that chocolate and grapes are toxic to dogs many dog owners feed their dogs what they think are "ok" table scraps leftover from dinner. But do you really know what you are feeding your dog (or cat)? Take a look at this shocking chart that shows exactly how many calories human food is equivalent for your pet. Pet obesity is a tremendous problem. This is a true eye opener.

Information provided by Hill’s Pet Nutrition, all calories calculated for a 5’4” person.

Do you know that for a 20 pound dog,

1 small oatmeal cookie .....

cookie calorie equivalent for a dog the caloric equivalent of

1 hamburger or 1 chocolate bar for a person?


If a 10 pound cat

ate just 1 ounce of cheddar cheese.....

Cheese Calorie Content For a Cat would be the same as

if a person ate 3 1/2 hamburgers or 4 whole chocolate bars


For a 20 pound dog

eating just 1 hotdog.....

Hotdog Calorie Content for a Dog the same as a person

consuming 3 entire hamburgers

or 2 whole chocolate bars.


Just 1 potato chip

for a 10 pound cat.....

Potato Chip Calorie Content For a Cat the caloric equivalent

of 1/2 of a hamburger or 1/2 a chocolate bar

for a person.


Do you know that for a 10 pound cat

1 cup of milk.....

Milk Calorie Content for a Cat