Dog Boots for German Shepherds

German Shepherd Wearing Traction Booties

There are several reasons why the German Shepherd may need to wear dog boots. Find out all you need to know about boots and everything else about this wonderful breed and amazing companion!

The German Shepherd Dog is a faithful companion and loyal protector with a high desire to play, . German Shepherds have been around since the late 1800s and continue to be one of the most popular breeds of dogs. They are consistently ranked among the top five dogs by the American Kennel Club. They’re very popular for their use as both herding and working dogs. Their intense loyalty to their owners has made them referred to as one-man dogs. German Shepherds are medium-to-large sized dogs known for their high intelligence, loyalty, courage and loving personality.. The German shepherd’s height may be anywhere from 22-26 inches. Weight can vary from as small as 70 pounds to as much as 120 pounds. A lot of it depends on the dog’s genetics. Although females are typically smaller than males, this is not always the case. German shepherds have a very muscular body. The one physical trait, other than color, that people most associate with German Shepherds is their erect ears. German Shepherds also come in various colors with the most common being black and tan, black and silver or all black. Other colors that can be seen in German Shepherds are blue and liver, sable, black and white and even all white. The German Shepherd’s coat may be one of three varieties: double coat, long-haired coat and plush coat. While some believe that the long-haired variety shed more hair, this is generally not the case as they all shed about the same and should be brushed regularly. The life span of the German Shepherd is generally 9-13 years, although some may live longer.

Their intelligence, curiosity and ability to be trained to perform many tasks has made them highly valuable as service dogs; seeing eye dogs; therapy dogs; search and rescue dogs; guard dogs and narcotic detection dogs. Many people refer to them as “police dogs” due to the high number that are used by law enforcement as K-9 dogs. Despite their usefulness as a working dog, this breed also makes a great companion and family pet. Training is very important for the German Shepherd dog because it gives them a purpose and fulfills their desire to please their master. While they may survive well in a small apartment, they strive best when they have a large home or big yard in which to run around. The German Shepherd is a high-energy dog that requires a lot of exercise.This breed may experience separation anxiety if left alone for too long and resort to destructive behavior. If your lifestyle keeps you away from home for long periods of time, the German Shepherd my not be the perfect dog for you. However, if you have the time and devotion to give this dog, the German Shepherd will provide you with a loyal friend for years to come.

Why Do German Shepherds Need Boots?

Despite their strength, sturdy body and general good health, this breed is prone to develop certain physical health issues such as hip or elbow dysplasia, degenerative myelopathy, epilepsy, digestive disorders, chronic eczema, inflammation of the cornea and blood disorders. Dysplasia, chronic allergies and ear infections are the most common of these health concerns. That said, if your GSD does develop some type of dysplasia, degenerative myelopathy or hind leg weakness, your dog may need some assistance getting around. The disease is progressive and begins with a loss of coordination (ataxia) in the hind limbs. The affected dog will wobble when walking, knuckle over or drag the feet. In order to prevent the wearing down of your dog's nails, bleeding and scraping paws that will hurt your dog it is necessary to protect the paws with a durable set of dog boots. It is also common for German Shepherds to be assisted by the use of wheelchairs as the disease progresses. If in fact your dog goes completely limp in the rear legs it will also be necessary to put boots on the hind legs so they don't drag while he's using the cart. Germans Shepherd paw pads are also very sensitive to heat and cold so it is also necessary to use boots to protect in various climates.

What Kind of Boots Are Best For German Shepherds?

The Pawtrexx boots are excellent boots for shepherds who drag their rear paws. They are durable and have a heavy duty rubber sole and reinforced toe. They are made of neoprene and are meant to fit snug. The Pawtrexx boots come in 5 sizes to fit any size dog and are sold in sets of 2 boots. They can be found here. The Pawtrexx boots are also an excellent choice for winter as they have a sole that can help with traction and grip in icy conditions.

If you have a German Shepherd who does not have medical issues there are a lot of choices in boots! The Meshies are excellent boots for indoors or hot pavement. They will help with added traction on slippery floors and prevent burns walking on the ground during the summer. You can also consider the Neopaws boots for shepherds over 100 pounds for indoors, summer or rough terrain. Hi-Toppers boots are an excellent winter choice as they have a heavy duty traction sole and will help protect the ankles and legs from annoying snowballs. The interior fleece will also keep your dog warm on the coldest days.

How To Fit a German Shepherd With Dog Boots

German Shepherds are generally not a difficult breed to fit for boots. The length and width of the paw is relative, meaning the paw is not too long or not too wide. Because of the easy-to-fit nature, the GSD can fit into almost any of our boots regardless of shape. Some boots are human shoe shape and others are sock shaped - the shepherd can fit into either. The easiest way to measure is by having your dog stand on a piece of paper. Mark the front of the paw at the toenail and then the back of the paw for the length measurement. Measure the distance between the lines. Do the same on the left and right sides of the paw for the width measurement. It is best NOT to trace around the paw as that typically increases both the length and width measurements.

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