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Dogs dig Ultra Paws Dog Boots! Ultra Paws offers boots to fit the unique needs of you and your dog. From snow to salt, slippery floors, muddy yards, hot pavement, cactus and more...

Dog Boots - Ultra Paws Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots

Ultra Paws Durable Non Slip Dog Boots - Black & Red

This is the ideal indoor/outdoor breathable, water-resistant boot. This shoe will prevent slipping and sliding indoors on hardwood floors and tile as well as in snow and water outdoors due to its pliable, super grippy sole. Also recommended to prevent burns from hot pavement. The Toughtek® soles are anti slip, so your dog can now speed around corners, or have assistance getting off the ground. Great for orthopedic use and can also be worn in wet weather conditions including snow, rain or even at the beach, in and out of water.

Price: $36.99