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5 of 5 Excellent Non-Slip Shoes January 3, 2022
Reviewer: John from Brooklyn, NY United States  
After conversing with a rep, we landed on these Sporthos for my senior dog who no long can stand up on his own. These shoes absolutely did the trick! My old man was able to stand up straight and not lose traction on my hardwood floors. Super easy to put on without causing discomfort and infinitely better than runners/little carpets throughout the house.

5 of 5 Sporthos -Summer- Black & White November 29, 2021
Reviewer: Caroline Kliegl from Pine Mountain Club, CA United States  
Our dog's name is October, she has hip dysplasia and dragging paw which was causing her nails on her back paws to be filed down when she walks. These boots are a miracle and giving her more spice to her life. They were easy to put on and with the straps wrapped around it keeps the boots in place without slippage. I highly recommend these orthopedic boots.

5 of 5 He likes them! November 14, 2021
Reviewer: DTB from Fuquay Varina, NC United States  
Got the wrong size the 1st time but ADB was great on the exchange. The boots, so far, fit and are doing well. I like the way they open down to the paw so easy on. The slight wrap around the leg and the band wrap with Velcro was nice. My pup took to them quickly. Can't wait to try them on a walk!

5 of 5 Andre Has Happy Feet Now! October 25, 2021
Reviewer: Frenchie Mum from Northern Virginia  
Huge thanks to you all for helping me to find just the right boots for Andre, my 8-year-old French Bulldog. He has a lower spine issue from an injury that happened years ago. This affects his mobility. He slips on hardwood floors and he drags his hind paws a bit when he walks. This was starting to create scratches and scrapes. When I called you last week, you helped me to find exactly the right solution for him, and these are GREAT! Andre is equipped for mobility success now!

5 of 5 My dog loves them. September 25, 2021
Reviewer: Faith H from FAYETTEVILLE, NC United States  
My dog has spinal spinosis and his back foot has started to knuckle and drag when he walks which I'm sure causes pain.. I ordered him the sporthos shoes and was worried he wouldn't like them but......
They protect his paws when he walks, helps him from sliding on my wood floors and he really thinks he is the coolest with his new kicks.  Very impressed!!

5 of 5 Sizing runs generously September 4, 2021
Reviewer: Mary K from Tulsa, OK United States  
Had to return for smaller size. In trying on 2 boot for size, they appear well-ventilating while maintaing good support.  They're expensive, but I would venture to guess would be long-wearing.

5 of 5 Great company and product! August 29, 2021
Reviewer: Sharon from Lake Worth, FL United States  
Boots for my older GSD allow for our short walks to continue.  This company also has excellent customer service.  Thank you!

5 of 5 Great boots - Sporthos summer black white boots August 24, 2021
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from HAWTHORN, VIC Australia  
Very happy with these boots and the excellent customer  service. As we live in Australia, we needed to make sure the boots were right in terms of our dog's problem - and that they would fit. The team were really helpful and by using the print-out size guide , the boots are a great fit. Very happy . Thank you guys!

5 of 5 Well made and priced August 23, 2021
Reviewer: Steve Martin from Macon, GA United States  
these boots are well made and do a good job. our dog had a spinal injury and the sub sequent surgery left his rear paws knuckling. these boots help protect him and an extra velcro strip helps keep them on as he drags his rear legs. would purchase again. Karen was great in helping us select the right boot.

4 of 5 White Sporthos - great boot March 8, 2021
Reviewer: KellyAnn Withee from Norridgewock , ME United States  
I got these for my old girl who has Symmetrical Lupoid Onchyodystrophy (presents in painful claws with nails that break and fall off, exposing the sensitive quick).  She took to them immediately (we also have the high-toppers which takes more practice walking in).  These shoes are all very well made.  I really like the long Velcro strap that allows me to tightly wrap around her ankles and lower leg so they stay on.  Great boots!  VERY quick delivery time!  Great customer service!

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