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5 of 5 Great Booties! May 31, 2020
Reviewer: S Young  
We just moved to a new city so we needed to buy booties in preparation for the hot weather coming this summer (actually already here).  It was fun to watch our dogs experience booties with their funky first steps!  But used them the next evening at the park and they adjusted easily.  Booties didn't come off either so I feel this purchase was worth it after reading so many negative reviews on other sites searching for the perfect bootie.  Thank you!

5 of 5 barko booties May 23, 2020
Reviewer: eddye medrano from peoria, AZ United States  
Awesome boots i have bought so many boots for my girl and none worked they are easy to put on and take off she just got up and walked in them. she even went for a short run and they stay on awesome job Barko thank you for a great product and telling all my friends.

5 of 5 Great fit! April 5, 2019
Reviewer: Grateful Lady! from West Toluca Lake, CA  
A couple days ago I almost lost my little furbaby because of a severe allergic reaction to him stepping on a bee. So at a recommendation from my friend, I bought these boots. They arrived today & I put them on him & he only did that awkward kick a couple times and then, away we went! He even was able to do that scratching thing they do after pooping & the boots didn't fall off! I am very pleased. Next paycheck, I'm going to buy at least one more pair, since they are going to be a permanent part of his 3x/day walks from now on.

4 of 5 barko booties May 9, 2018
Reviewer: Anita Yang from Pasadena, CA United States  
so far I like these, the sizing was a little big and we like them still. I love the zipper feature and it does have good protection behind it.

5 of 5 Very Happy December 8, 2017
Reviewer: M Scott from Jacksonville, NC United States  
These boots are fine quality and work just great to curb my allergy-prone pug's incessant scratching.  He enjoys wearing shirts and took to the booties (I only use on back paws) well.  They haven't fallen off or torn like socks and when he scratches, he can't scrape his skin raw.  Thank you for a fine product!

5 of 5 Great booties! Great Customer service! July 13, 2017
Reviewer: jeanie from Los Angeles, CA United States  
They're very cute and secure on the foot.
Highly recommend the shoes and
I have purchased several pairs from them already and they always ship the orders out the  next day.
I did have thou return  one pair due to sizing and even the refund process was super quick.   Thanks!!!

5 of 5 They stay on! July 2, 2017
Reviewer: Jeanie from Los Angeles, CA  
I've purchased several different styles of dog shoes from sneakers to sandals, but none of them stayed on for an entire walk (short ones).  Lost several shoes too.
I have a small dog with skinny ankles and these booties stay on. They are roomy so they seem very comfy. The velcro straps keep the booties on the foot. They're so cute people take pictures of my dog all the time!

5 of 5 Cute and What We Wanted June 27, 2017
Reviewer: Phyllis Schell from Phoenix, AZ  
We've tried other boots in the AZ summer heat but they just haven't stayed on our golden retriever.  These stay on nicely with the added zipper but we just have to get him used to them......ha!  He's not a fan but I say it's a work in progress.  GREAT customer service and prompt delivery!

5 of 5 Amazing Experience June 18, 2017
Reviewer: Angela from Dallas, TX  
I moved from Utah to Texas. In Utah, my Pootzu Scuds had issues with the snow on his paw pads so I had gotten some boots that worked great. Texas, add a bichon with super furry paws. Their pads started blistering and I've had MANY issues with stickers getting in the fur between the pads. These have been AMAZING. I printed the sizes "to scale" and have been using the recommended training techniques. Works amazing. Plus one pair I ordered the wrong size and the customer service reached out and is sending me another size. I'm more than a little impressed with this company and excited to hit the trails with the dogs.

5 of 5 boots September 21, 2014
Reviewer: Therese Lamb from escondido, CA United States  
Code Four loves your boots and shoes and the customer service is the best.

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