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Pawz Dog BootsPawz Dog Boots

Pawz is the world's only disposable and reusable, waterproof dog boot.
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Pawz Rubber Dog Booties Pawz Disposable Rubber Dog Boots

Price Starting At: $13.99
What an idea! Disposable dog booties that are inexpensive and can be reused over and over again and then simply thrown away when wear and tear begin to show.  The only such kind of dog shoe like this is the Pawz disposable dog boot. They are made of rubber and best of all they are very eco-friendly because they are completely biodegradable – no lasting remnants in our landfills.

These colorful Pawz dog boots are bright and fashionable while still being practical because of the great protection for paws that they offer your dog.  Some dogs don’t like to wear boots with padding because they lose the feel of the ground beneath their feet.  Pawz rubber dog boots feel natural and comfortable on Fido’s feet. These disposable dog boots fit like a favorite pair of socks fit your own feet and they move right along with his paws giving him full range of motion.  The booties are used my veterinarians worldwide to keep paws dry and protected after surgery.

Pawz dog boots come in a package of 12 in beautiful bright colors.  Watch your dog be the talk of the neighborhood when he’s skipping in his cool looking and comfortable new paw-wear.