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The people at Neopaws, makers of orthopedic, neoprene, and breathable mesh dog shoes and boots for dogs believe that protecting you pooch’s paws is one of the most important things you can do for your pet.  If we are lucky, our dogs can live a long time and while they are living that happy life, their paws deserve to be protected from the many dangerous hazards they are exposed to.

Neopaws makes orthopedic boots for dogs with conditions like hip dysplasia.  These particular kind of Neopaws dog boots make it more comfortable for them when they go on their walks while protecting their toes from being injured if they drag their paws. They also keep Duke from slipping and sliding on hardwood or tile floors.

Neopaws dog shoes are perfect for protection from pollen, burrs, sharp rocks, broken glass, and road chemicals as well as hot roadways and sidewalks from hurting your dogs paws.

Neo paws neoprene dog boots protect more than your dogs paws. Think about your floors and furniture when he has been out romping in the snow, mud, or rain. Pull off his boots before he comes in and your floor is safe. If your dog is a swimmer, boots will protect the sides of your pool when he clambers out.

There are really so many reasons to set your dog up some boots from Neopaws, the “Nike” of dog shoes.