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Pawtrexx by Barko Booties (2 shoes) Soft Sole Waterproof Winter Dog Booties - Red
Price: $28.99

Price: $26.99

Pawtrexx Barko Booties Soft Sole Waterproof Winter Dog Booties Red

Rugged, black waterproof neoprene dog boots with orange piping, durable non-slip rubber sole, dual reflective Velcro closures & reinforced toe

Waterproof nylon and polar fleece soft sole winter booties in red with a ribbed knit cuff and Velcro strap

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There are a lot of practical reasons for your dog to wear a pair (or rather, a quartet) of dog boots or dog booties. If you live in a part of the country that has considerable snowfall in the winter, these conditions can be hard on your best buddy’s feet. If they walk in snow enough, a dog’s paws can get splits in the webbing between their toes from the icy conditions. A good pair of rubber-soled dog snow boots can protect them from that and from the little balls of snow that can build up in the hair on the bottoms of their paws. Rubber soles will give him good traction, too. A pair (oops, quartet) of dog boots like this can be water resistant and great for keeping those feet dry and warm.

Waterproof dog boots
for rainy weather can be a lifesaver. Okay, this is more for you than the dog. There are those dogs that are perfectly willing to go romp in the yard, rain or shine - retrievers, for instance. Getting wet? Big deal! Well, it’s a big deal when they come barging in from the yard with wet, muddy paws. If he was wearing his dog shoes, you can take them off and leave them on the porch next to yours and you can avoid mopping the floor or a call the carpet cleaning folks.

In the summer, you don’t like to walk across the pavement in your bare feet, do you? Think of how your dog feels? A lightweight pair of dog sandals or lightweight shoes for dogs can save him from the pain of the hot asphalt and protect his pads from broken glass that he may run through before you can stop him. Sidewalks, hike-and-bike-trails, and roadways can even have toxic chemicals in them that get stuck in the pads.

A comfy pair of dog booties with a little bit of tread can be ideal for around the house if your dog has trouble negotiating slippery hardwood, laminate, or tile floors. They will also keep those claws from making annoying scratches on your expensive flooring. Perhaps dog slippers will work just as well.

People that hike often like to take their tail wagging companion with them into the mountains. You can even get hiking dog boots for your dog for better traction, especially coming down steep inclines. If you take your dog along on your bike ride, you’re liable to come across anything along the way that can hurt your dog’s feet.

After reading all the different reasons to outfit your pooch with paw-wear, how can you deny him or her any longer?

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